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Cyclops is a great addition to the fantasy section of your sandtray collection.  It was included in the June monthly sandtray box.  Sign up today to have sandtray miniatures delivered to your door each month.

Thanks to Homer’s Odyssey, Cyclops is one of the better-known creatures in Greek mythology. What it lacks in good looks and intelligence, Cyclops makes up for with brute strength. Some say it could pluck a tree from the ground and snap it like a toothpick.

  • Scientific Name: Cyclops
  • Characteristics: Truly a muscle-bound giant, Cyclopes were a race of beings with one eye in the center of their foreheads. This lifelike figure reveals the impressive musculature of the mythical Cyclops.
  • Size and Color: At 4 ½ inches, Cyclops stands tall.  Its realistic garb reveals the finely sculptured muscles of the powerful creature.